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Old Lahaina Luau

Reopening March 12 2024  

We just received word Old Lahaina will open  March 12 th 2024 ,but this is still a very fluid situation. Most employees are still  displaced. They will now be open Tuesday-Saturday ..So Now closed on Sundays and Mondays.. So be kind and tip well as many of these employees are still in hotels, Please do not talk about the fire with these employees. Mahalo 

The Old Lahaina Luau sells out months in advance, call for Old Lahaina Luau Tickets today! 808-879-6260 toll-free

The Old Lahaina Luau takes great pride in presenting an authentic Hawaiian Luau. An evening of traditional Hawaiian cuisine, music, cultural dances, and demonstrations. Guests will appreciate a genuine reflection of Hawaii’s rich history while enjoying unparalleled ocean views with one of the best sunset locations on Maui!


The Old Lahaina Luau is the only traditional Hawaiian Luau on Maui.

Upon arrival at the Old Lahaina Luaus beachfront Luau grounds, you will feel like you took a step back in time, as you enter what looks like an old Hawaiian Village.

As you enter the Hawaiian Luau grounds, waiters in traditional attire offer you a complimentary Mai Tai and souvenir program of your evening, as they escort you to your table.


Adults ages 13+           $220.00+Tax  as of 2023

Children ages 2-12        $134.00+tax as of 2023

Babies to age 2 may sit in a Highchair for FREE or the Feast at Lele even has ‘Koala’ ‘car seat carriers” for your baby’s car seat!


Google Map and Directions to the Old Lahaina Luau

The Old Lāhainā Lūʻau | 1251 Front Street Lahaina, Maui, Hawaiʻi 96761

*Click on Directions; if you have a Google Account you can save the Map.

Old Lahaina Luau Menu


  • Polynesian Baked Mahi Mahi
  • Kalua Roast Pork (Pig = “Pua’a” in Hawaiian)
  • Pulehu (grilled) Tenderloin Steak
  • Chicken Long Rice
  • Island Style Chicken
  • Stir Fry Vegetables
  • Local-Style Fried Rice
  • Big Island Hawaiian Sweet Potato
  • Island Crab Salad
  • Taro Salad with Coconut sauce
  • Pahole fern Salad
  • Lomi Lomi Salmon (raw Salmon mixed with Onions and Tomatoes, similar to Mexican Ceviche’)
  • Ahi Poke (marinated raw Ahi Tuna)
  •  Laulau (Pork wrapped in Luau leaf steamed to perfection)
  • Poi
  • Banana Bread & Hawaiian Sweet Rolls with Guava Butter
  • Fresh Island Fruit
  • Haupia (coconut pudding/jello dessert, very popular here in Hawaii!)

Assorted Chef’s choice of Desserts will be brought to each table.

The Old Lahaina Luau offers 2 types of seating; Tables with ‘traditional matt/pillows style seating’ (guaranteed front row seats!) or tables with chairs.  You choose your seats when you make your Luau Reservations, which should be even before you buy your Airline Tickets to Hawaii! Old Lahaina is smart….they are not ‘first come, first served’; Old Lahaina seating policy is ‘first reservation = best seats’ in the tables and chairs section! Which is 1 reason Old Lahaina Luau can sell out 4-8weeks out!


During the first hour, sip on a Maui Mai Ta or order a free Blue Hawaii drink and go wander the lush luau gardens.

As you stroll around the lush luau gardens, there will be several photo opportunities.  Professional photographers are also on hand to take professional photos. I always recommend letting the photographers take your picture, as it is a great way to get a good family or romantic photo.

 The tropical Oceanside setting, the long Outrigger Hawaiian Canoes, and the ‘Hale” – a Hawaiian Hut make for fun backdrops to your Hawaiian Photo.

As you wander around you will notice many Hawaiian flowers and plants such as the Ti-plant (used in the Lau Lau, Lu’au, and other Hawaiian Dishes), Taro (for Poi!) as well as Hawaiian Flowers like Red Ginger, Bird of Paradise, Plumeria and more…

Why do we like the Old Lahaina Luau so much? Atmosphere, Atmosphere, Atmosphere! With some of the best Hawaiian Luau dancers in Hawaii!

Upon sunset, the evening’s main entertainment begins. Old Lahaina Luaus’ award-winning Hula Show tells the story of the ancient Hawaiians. The choreographers of Old Lahaina Luau dancers present the Hula as it was meant to be Performed, with the respect and honor of their Hawaiian Ancestors.


Beginning with the history of the Polynesian Migration to the Hawaiian Island; then to the ancient Hawaiian Hula, followed by the evolution to a more contemporary style of Hula.

~ Oteÿa- The Hula show begins with the early migration of the Polynesians across the Pacific to the “new islands” of Hawaii.

~ Kahiko– The ancient Hula was a way of communicating with the Gods. It is accompanied by chanting, and traditional hula implements and is performed with respect for the ancestors.

~ Missionaries and the Merrie Monarch- The missionaries brought many changes. They present Hula depicting this era as well as celebrating King Kalakaua.

~Auana– The modern Hula was influenced by immigrants and tourism. Hula dancers tell their stories through their graceful moves, subtle eyes, and lovely hula hand.

All this is a fancy way of saying the Old Lahaina Luau has the most dancers on stage at any given time, fabulous authentic costumes, and attractive Hula dancers, both male and female! There is a bit of story/legend telling about Hawaiian Goddesses and handsome young warriors to fun Hula dances.


And yes as the years go by, Old Lahaina Luau has added in a bit of Tahiti at the end of the show. The Tahitian Hula dance is considered to be one of the most sensual hula dances of them all, with the swinging of the hips and the pulsing rhythm of the ancient Drums, which combine to create a titillating dance performance! (No Fire Knife Dancer at the Old Lahaina Luau, as it is a Samoan Dance)

Note: Old Lahaina Luau discounts and discounted tickets are not allowed. We are led to believe that the Old Lahaina Luau will not accept most new contracts, and tells us that we will lose our contracts if we are caught discounting tickets for Old Lahaina Luau. The Old Lahaina Luau is consistently Voted #1 Luau in Hawaii by Maui News Readers Polls, Fodors & Frommers Books on Hawaii…and more.

The Old Lahaina Luau is a family-friendly Hawaiian Luau, that can also be very Romantic – especially if you choose “traditional mat seating”.


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