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Grand Wailea Luau- Honua’ula

Hilton Waldorf Astoria Grand Wailea Luau: Honua’ula

 THEY ARE open MON, Tues, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 

A walk through the Grand Wailea Hotel is stunning all by itself. I live here and I am always taking pictures as I walk down to the Oceanside Luau Grounds!

Honua’ula Lu’au is on the beach in front of the Grand Wailea Resort.

Check-in for seating assignment begins at 4:15 PM and the Grand Wailea Honua’ula Luau commences at 5:30 pm

As you enter the oceanside Lu’au grounds, have your photo taken with one of the pretty Hula Dancers, both male and female. Photos with Hula dancers make for great souvenirs to take back to the Mainland with you.  Especially if you are having a family reunion or wedding reception…

5:00-6:00 PM The first hour at the Grand Wailea Luau is a “cocktail” hour. Drinks are free! Try one of the Blue Hawaii drinks, the Lava Flow is popular, as well as the most famous of them all: the Hawaiian Mai Tai. The Grand Wailea is one of the few Hawaiian Luaus on Maui that has table-side service for cocktails. There will be a waiter coming around for drink orders.

Free drinks grand wailea honu'ula luau

Sip on a Mai Tai as you wander around the Luau grounds.

6:00 PM Time for the Dinner. You can also try the Island Fish, Chicken and of course the Pig.Served at your own table family style

Grand Wailea Luau Menu
    • The Grand Wailea Honu’ula Luau Menu 
  • Imu Baked Kalua Pig
  • Sautéed Island Fish
  • Shoyu Chicken
  • Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Milk Glaze
  •  Hawaiian Fried Rice
  • Stir Fry Vegetables
  •  Purple Taro Rolls


  • Coconut Haupia
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake
  • Macadamia Nut Cake
  • Coconut Macaroons
  • Coconut Cream Cake
  • Chocolate Key Lime Cake
  • Strawberry Cream Cake
  • Chocolate Brownies
  • Tropical Fruit Platter


Told in a storytelling format, Honua’ula takes us back to a time when the mighty seafaring Polynesians discovered this land of Hawaii, thereafter calling themselves Hawaiian.

The show touches upon the documented voyages of La’amaikahiki and Moikeha who first came to this sacred island we call Maui, specifically this area named Honua’ula. It speaks of gods and goddesses that watched over these courageous people and how they were able to co-exist and live in harmony.

Pele, the goddess of fire is described as one who came prior to the settlers, paving the way with her lava so there would be land sufficient for the Hawaiian people to live. Lilinoe, the goddess of the mist was said to linger above sending cool rains to nourish the lands.

The mermaid of Maui, Kananaka, swooned near the surfers and tried to capture them for fun. The love story legend of Naulu, the goddess of the clouds could only visit her lover Kanaloa in upon the clouds.

In the love story legend of Naulu, the goddess of the clouds could only visit her lover Kanaloa in upon the clouds.

These stories & legends combined to create an exciting evening of traditional chant and hula bringing the history of our island home Maui, to life. 


 Standard Seats

Adult Luau Tickets: ages 13+     $265.00+tax

Discounted Children Luau Tickets: ages 3-12 Years   $170.00 Tax


Google Maps and Directions to the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel

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